Jackman Maine Outdoor Winter Sportsman
Jackman Maine Outdoor Winter Sportsman

Your Jackman Maine Winter Outdoor Guide

Cozy Cove Cabins Welcomes Winter Sportsmen!

Jackman is known as "The Switzerland of Maine" because this Region is well known for having SNOW both long before and long after any other areas in Maine. SNOWMOBILING, ICE FISHING, CROSS COUNTRY SKIING and SNOWSHOEING are the most popular sports in the area. It is not a time to sit indoors and watch TV. Come on out and play in our winter wonderland!

Then after a hard day of play, come home to one of our warm cozy cabins at Cozy Cove Cabins and relax.


Snowmobiling is the area’s largest winter sport with miles of groomed trails through the great North Woods. Take advantage of our extensive trail system in the Jackman region starting with ITS 89 which can take you from Rangeley to Canada and connects to ITS 88 to Rockwood, and to ITS 86 to Greenville and beyond. You will enjoy spectacular scenery and great places to stop for lunch along the trails, all accessible right from your cabin door.

Trail access is only 300 yards from your cabin so no need to trailer out! Then, after a day or night out on the trails, come home to a warm cozy cabin to relax and enjoy time with your friends. Too tired to cook? There are many restaurants and pubs nearby and if needed, within walking distance. (Don’t drink and ride)


Registration: Whether you are a Maine resident or not, you must register your sled in Maine to ride in Maine. Forgot to re-register your sled? Easy to do this online or you can do it in town when you arrive.

Trails: Please ride on marked trails where landowner permission has been obtained for all to enjoy. Snow Mobile trails in this area are groomed and maintained by the Border Riders club who can also provide you with more information. Trail maps are usually available by the 1st of January.

Border Crossing: If you want to cross the border to ride in Canada, crossings are open 24/7. You must stop at customs and carry the same paperwork you would need to travel into Quebec by auto. (Photo ID, Passport, Registration, Insurance) Contact the Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs for more information.

Rentals: If you do not have a sled of your own but want to try this FUN sport, you can rent one in town. Visit out resource page or visit the Jackman Chamber of Commerce Directory for more information.

Save on Gas: If you book 2 or more reservations at Cozy Cove Cabins within a 45 day period, you can store your Snowmobile/ATV trailer here. Hurry! Space is limited.


The serious fisherman may enjoy ICE FISHING as much as open water fishing here at Cozy Cove Cabins. You can fish for Togue, Salmon, Trout or Cusk right outside your cabin on Big Wood Lake. By January 1st, the lake is usually covered with 3 feet of ice so bring your auger and your ice shoes because when the flags start to fly, you may need to run to find that "record breaking" fish.

The best winter fishing month is January but you can be rewarded with a great catch throughout the winter season. Some fishermen have "luck" right off shore and some prefer that "favorite spot" on the lake. You can get to your favorite fishing spot on foot, with a snowmobile or ATV (depends on the snow), or your vehicle.

We do not offer ice shacks, or Bob houses (as some call them) to rent but if you are interested in one, we can give you a person to contact to rent one.

"Your heart races when you see a red flag pop up above the snow. Sometimes the wind releases the flag, so you do plenty of running for nothing. Each time you see a red flag, you imagine a record breaking trout on the end of your line and run like the wind."

Northwestern Wilderness Of Maine


Season: Ice fishing season is from January 1st through March 31st. Visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for more information on ice fishing regulations or to obtain a license online.

License: You can obtain a Maine fishing license online or in town when you arrive.

Ice Safety: The ice traveler should look for bluish ice that is at least 4 to 6 inches thick, in order to support people and their gear. Dark snow and dark ice are signs of weak spots. "Thick and blue, tried and true. Thin and crispy, way to risky."

What is SPLAKE? "Splake is a hybrid resulting from the fertilizing of eggs from the lake trout with sperm from the brook trout." Big Wood lake is stocked with Splake.

What to bring: Fishing gear, ice auger, ice spikes, flashlight, layers of clothes, portable ice shack, and many friends! Most of our body heat is lost through your head and neck. So wear a hat and cover your face and neck…don’t forget waterproof gloves and wind gear.


Winter in Jackman opens up a world of things for any Sportman. You do not have to have a snowmobile or be a fisherman to enjoy the great outdoors. There are many old trails and logging roads to enjoy CROSS COUNTRY SKIING or put on your SNOW SHOES and make your own path.