Jackman Maine Cabins - ZAKOPANE

Zakopane is simply a sweet very small one room camp that takes you back in time.

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Cabin # 6: ZAKOPANE

(sleeps 2)

...(pronounced zuck-o-pun-ee) was named for a region in Poland. It is a small one room log interior cabin that has a brass framed queen size bed, table, a bath with a shower, and a small kitchenette with only a cook top. (no oven).

The enclosed porch offers protection from the wind or rain or to store your wet gear after a hard day of play. Zakopane is not on the lakeside of our property but you can still see the, enjoy great summer sunsets from your picnic table and of course, hear the call of the loons. Tami refers to this cabin as “a little love nest”. Because of the log interior, it is a Non-Smoking cabin.

"We had spent the day in Quebec and were hoping to find a cabin on the water. As we pulled into town we asked a man and he suggested Cozy Cove Cabins. We were delighted to find you. We have stayed in many cabins during our 45 years of marriage and have found yours truly delightful. At sunset we sat on the shore and enjoyed the view along with the breeze. You have a great place. If I lived here I would never want to leave.Thank you for your hospitality!"
- Carla & Gary in Cabin #6