Jackman Maine Cabins - Baja

Baja, our bunkhouse, is great for 5 or 6 guys as everyone gets there own bed. Plenty of extra room to store your gear with a large living space for a night of poker after a day of riding.

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Cabin # 3: BAJA

(sleeps 6)

...(pronounced BaHa) is our bunkhouse which has 3 sets of twin bunk beds. It is an open concept cabin but the sleeping area is partitioned off for privacy with an enclosed bath. The living space has a full kitchen that overlooks the living and dining area, which is a step down from the kitchen. You can look out over the lake through the large picture window while cooking and still enjoy the conversations of those sitting at the table. Baja has a deck overlooking the lake.

Inside has a touch of a Mexican theme, again to add a little fun and personality to this sporting camp. The entrance offers an enclosed porch to store your gear or to get in out of the weather.

"The half moon hovers
over Sally's southern slope
Clouds of white, lovely lunar light
Shimmers on the surface of the peaceful pond.

At Cozy Cove your cares don't keep
The waters shallow - the thoughts are deep.
The campfire laughter fills the night
Discussions flow of the fisherman's plight.
The fish don't bite but the bugs do
I guess it's something you get used to."